Preparation Accessories

Cut it, mix it, stack it, store it – whatever you need to keep your backshop buzzing, look no further than Dalziel!

  • 18x24x7” Red Heavy Duty Block
  • 24x24x7” Red Heavy Duty Block
  • 60x24x7” Red Heavy Duty Block
  • 72x24x7” Red Heavy Duty Block
  • 18x24x7” Alloy Butchers Block Stand
  • 24x24x7” Alloy Butchers Block Stand
  • 60x24x7” Alloy Butchers Block Stand
  • 72x24x7” Alloy Butchers Block Stand

For longer lasting performance, we exclusively recommend the market leading Row & Sons range of butchers’ blocks and tables for traditional craftsmanship at its very best. Made from reinforced Canadian maple, these 7” (175mm) thick blocks are supplied in 20 standard sizes or can be made to order to your own specifications.
Tables are also made to order with a choice of tops to suit your own butchery style or, if you prefer, in combined block and table configurations.

  • Dough Scraper Each
  • French Pattern Block Scrapper (2 Handles) Each
  • Plastic Block Brush Each
  • Wooden Block Brush With Slide Each
  • Plastic Fat Beater

Those little extra bits that keep your block in good condition.

  • 2A045 Stacking Tray 600x400x235mm Each
  • 955 Stacking Tray 700x450x120mm Each
  • 956 Stacking Tray 700x450x230mm Each
  • 957 Stacking Tray 415x315x115mm Each
  • 958 Stacking Tray 415x315x210mm Each
  • GWS2 Solid White Tray 762x457x92mm Each
  • RM904 Stacking Tray 600x400x145mm Each
  • RM905 Stacking Tray 600x400x225mm Each
  • RM906 Stacking Tray 600x400x300mm Each
  • 955 & 956 Stacking Tray Lid

Space saving value that makes the most of what you’ve got – perforated or solid stacking containers come in a variety of depths to meet every storage requirement.

  • 12x9x.5” Rowplas Solid Board*
  • 18x12x1” Rowplas Solid Board*
  • 18x12x.5” Rowplas Solid Board*
  • 24x18x.5” Rowplas Solid Board*
    *Colours available: Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

Also from Row & Sons, Rowplas cutting boards offer the benefit of easy wipe-down cleaning to prevent cross contamination and are colour coded for different preparation tasks. Although supplied in a standard size range, the beauty of these high density polythene boards is that they can be easily cut to your own preferred shape or size.

  • RM24 plastic mixing bowl

Our range of mixing bowls and containers includes our perennially popular B24 mixing bowl and a wide choice of colour coded lattice.