Your Guide to the Best a Butcher can Buy!

From top brand quality ingredients to world class machinery and equipment, clothing to counter bags, cleaning materials to cutlery, display fittings and tray systems to the very best in meat processing, protection and preparation accessories… whatever you need, you’ll find it here!

This includes the famous Dalebrook range of counter accessories and decorative garnish, together with all sizes, shapes and colours of stainless steel, hy-tuf and perspex trays.

  • TK35 Zinc Alloy Ticket Stand 26mmx40mm Silver 30pack
  • TK36 Zinc Alloy Ticket Pin 22x10x50mm Silver 30pack
  • TK37 Stainless Steel Folded Ticket Pin 22x7x49mm
    Silver 10pack
  • TKBM1400 A4 Melamine Ticket Stand Matt Finish Black Each
  • TK50 Customised Ticket Each
  • 10020C Nylon Adjustable Ticket Clamp 20mm
    Black/White/Clear Each
  • 10050C Nylon Adjustable Ticket Clamp 50mm Black/White/Clear Each
  • 10080C Nylon Adjustable Ticket Clamp 80mm
    Black/White/Clear Each
  • 10120S Polycarbonate adjustable ticket stand 20mm arm
    Black/White/Clear Each
  • 10150S Polycarbonate adjustable ticket stand 50mm arm
    Black/White/Clear Each
  • 10180S Polycarbonate adjustable ticket stand 80mm arm
    Black/White/Clear Each
  • TK66 Nylon Ticket Pin 65mm Black/White/Clear Each

Stylish design and can be used to label anything from meat to dishes in your deli counter.

  • 905 Melamine Wavy Platter 420x295x40mm Black/White
  • 9053 Melamine Wavy Platter 300x210x40mm Black/White
  • 90500 Melamine Wavy Platter 420x240x40mm Black/White
  • 90521 Melamine Wavy Platter 150x210x30mm Black/White
  • 90525 Melamine Wavy Platter 250x250x30mmBlack/White
  • 600 SAN Essential Tray 300x225x25mm Black/White
  • 601 SAN Essential Tray 350x225x25mm Black/White
  • 613 SAN Essential Tray 450x350x50mm Black/White
  • 603 SAN Essential Tray 450x350x25mm Black/White
  • 612 SAN Essential Tray 400x300x50mm Black/White
  • 602 SAN Essential Tray 400x300x25mm Black/White
  • 611 SAN Essential Tray 350x225x50mm Black/White
  • 610 SAN Essential Tray 300x225x50mm Black/White
  • 604 SAN Essential Tray 380x150x25mm Black/White
  • TC602L SAN Essential Raised Cover fits Item 602&612 Clear
  • TC601L SAN Essential Raised Cover fits Item 601&611Clear
  • TC600L SAN Essential Raised Cover fits Item 600&610Clear
  • 122 Melamine Tray 230x330mm Black/White
  • 123 Melamine Tray 200x290mm Black/White
  • 124 Melamine Tray 160x240mm Black/White
  • TSS8704 Stainless Steel Tray 580x210x30mm Silver
  • TSS8705 Stainless Steel Tray 400x300x20mm Silver
  • TSS8706 Stainless Steel Tray 290x210x20mm Silver
  • 504 1/1 Size Azteca SAN Dish (10litre) 530x325x100mm Black/White/Blue
  • 400 1/2 Size Azteca SAN Tray (2.2litre) 325x265x40mm Black/White/Blue
  • 500 1/2 Size Azteca SAN Dish (5.5litre) 325x265x100mm
  • 503 1/3 Size Azteca SAN Dish (3litre) 325x175x100mm
  • 501 1/4 Size Azteca SAN Dish (2litre) 265x162x100mm
  • 502 1/6 Size Azteca SAN Dish (1litre) 176x162x100mm
  • TC500L SAN Cover Fits 1/2 Size Azteca & Regal Clear
  • TC503L SAN Cover Fits 1/3 Size Azteca & Regal Clear
  • TC501L SAN Cover Fits 1/4 Size Azteca Clear
  • TC502L SAN Cover Fits 1/6 Size Azteca & Regal Clear
  • 3312 1/2 Size Melamine Fleur Crock 325x265x100mm w/SF 4L*
  • 3314 1/4 Size Melamine Fleur Crock 265x162x100mmw/SF 2L*
  • 3316 1/6 Size Melamine Fleur Crock 176x162x100mmw/SF 1L*
  • TB3340 Melamine Square Fleur Crock 295x210x65mm 2L Black
  • TB3324 Melamine Square Fleur Crock 240x240x90mm 2.5L Black
  • TB3320 Melamine Fleur Crock 200x145x100mm SF 1.65L Black
  • 550100 1/2 Size Regal Melamine Dish 325x265x100mm 5.5L Black/White
  • 55040 1/2 Size Regal Melamine Tray 325x265x40mm 2.2L Black/White
  • 55065 1/2 Size Regal Melamine Dish 325x265x65mm 5L
  • 55010 1/2 Size Regal Melamine Tray 325x265x10mm
    0.5L Black/White
  • 551065 1/4 Size Regal Melamine Dish w/sf
    162x265x65mm 1.5L Black/White
  • 551100 1/4 Size Regal Melamine Dish 265x162x100mm
    2.5L Black/White
  • 56331 Melamine Olaria Bowl 310x130mm 4L
  • 56325 Melamine Olaria Bowl 250x110mm 2.5L
  • 1159 Melamine Valencia Bowl 205x95mm 1.5Kg
  • 1160 Melamine Valencia Bowl 245x105mm 2.5Kg
  • 1161 Melamine Valencia Bowl 280x120mm 3.5Kg
  • TC1161L Lid for 1161 45mm Clear Each
  • TSSSQ0606 Stainless Steel Square Balti Dish
    150x150x50mm 800ml Silver
  • TSSSQ808 Stainless Steel Square Balti Dish
    200x200x55mm 1.5L Silver
  • TSSSQ1010 Stainless Steel Square Balti Dish
    255x255x65mm 3.2L Silver

* Red & White/Green & White/Yellow & White/Lime &

White/Black & White/White & Black

Dishwasher safe, highly resistant to chips , breakages and general wear and tear.

  • TWP9910 Melamine Platter 210x280mm Wicker
  • TWP9920 Melamine Platter 420x280mm Wicker
  • TWP2257 Melamine Standard Riser 300x250x100mm Wicker
  • W203 Poly Wicker Basket 400x250x100mm Wicker
  • W201 Poly Wicker Tray 410x240mm Brown
  • W204 Poly Wicker Basket 400x295x150mm Wicker
  • W205 Poly Wicker Basket 400x590x150mm Wicker
  • 119 Melamine Pedestal Stand (Embossed)100mm Black/White
  • 3215 Melamine Plate 305mm Diameter Black/White
  • 118 Melamine Pedestal Stand (Plain) 70mm Black/White
  • 3513 Melamine Low Bowl 300x65mm 3L Black/White
  • BBS350 Barrel Bowl Set (Plain Liner) Set
  • TB37 ABS Three Step Unit 750x300x90mm Black
  • 5630 Melamine Crescent Dish w/sf 300x278x61mm
  • 690 Melamine Concave Bowl 300x300x65mm w/sf 1.3L
  • Black/White

Perfect for placing at counters and for adding height to your display.

  • GB44/G44 Green Spruce Garnish Base 250mm
    Black/White 12pack
  • GB2/G2 Red/Green Leaf Garnish Base 250mm
    Black/White 12pack
  • GB21/G21 Super Parsley Garnish Base 250mm
    Black/White 12pack
  • GB35/G35 Luxury Parsley Garnish Base 250mm
    Black/White 12pack
  • GB6/G6 Green Leaf Garnish Base 250mm Black/White 12
    Other garnish and dividers available.

For that final touch to your display, Dalebrook have a selection of artificial food, garlands and garnish to add colour and freshness to your products.

  • 106N Melamine Solid Spoon 310mm Black/White
  • 104N Melamine Solid Spoon 250mm Black/White
  • 105N Melamine Slotted Spoon 310mm Black/White
  • 103N Melamine Slotted Spoon 250mm Black/White
  • 12 Polycarbonate Tongs 240mm Black/White
  • 40510 Polycarbonate Serving Tong 230mm Black/White

Choose from our melamine spoons and ladles or polycarbonate serving tongs, we also have a range of stainless steel utensils that can be used with direct heat.