Manufacturing Meat

Although demand may vary from region to region, supplementing our primary product ranges with conveniently packaged quantities of meat off-cuts and by-products specifically for the manufacturing retail butcher has always been a major part of our business.

  • Trim 70% V L
  • Trim 85% V L
  • Flank Boneless 70% V L
  • Shin IW Vacuum Packed
  • Shin Block Packed
  • Thin Skirt Block Packed
  • Thick Skirt
  • Fat
  • Suet
  • Belly Trim 50% V L
  • Shoulder Trim 75% V L
  • Leg Trim 85% V L
  • Skirt Block Pack
  • Back Fat
  • Cutting Fat
  • Diced Fat
  • Pork Fat Poly Blocked
  • Lamb Trim
  • Lamb Breast
  • Lamb Fat
  • Mutton Skirt
  • Mutton Shank Block Packed
  • Mutton Trunk Block Pack 65% V L
  • Mutton Trunk Block Pack 85% V L
  • Mutton Fat
  • Mutton Leg IW Vacuum Packed
  • Mutton Leg Block Pack

We supply a full range from beef trim to boneless flanks, beef and pork fat … whatever you might need to make your own sausages, burgers, black and white puddings, haggis, kebabs and pies.