Retail Consumer Packs

These days, no butcher can afford to ignore any opportunity for extra sales. A prominent counter or carousel display of top brand consumer packs is certain to encourage impulse buying and add more profit to your bottom line!

You can also give your customers the chance to cook up a sumptuous selection of restaurant quality dishes with specially developed off-the-shelf packs of the same superb sauces, glazes and coatings you use to prepare your own ready meal offerings.

Verstegen sauces come in handy sized boil-in-the-bag or microwaveable packs complemented by an eye-catching display range of herb and spice grinders.

  • Verstegen Black Lampong Pepper 6x40g
  • Verstegen Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt 6x45g
  • Verstegen Four Seasons Pepper 6x43g
  • Verstegen Garlic Pepper 6x28g
  • Verstegen Himalayan Pink Salt 6x84g
  • Verstegen Italian Herb Mix 6x25g
  • Verstegen Persian Blue Salt 6x80g
  • Verstegen Sea Salt 6x85g
  • Verstegen Sweet Chilli Spice 6x60g
  • Verstegen White Muntock Pepper 6x48g

Salt, pepper and spice mix combinations from Verstegen. Unique and beautiful looking grinders designed for ease of use and feature a ‘dual-mill’ grinding mechanism.

  • Flava-It Barbecue Marinade 12x45g
  • Flava-It Chinese Marinade 12x45g
  • Flava-It Garden Mint Marinade 12x45g
  • Flava-It Hot & Spicy Marinade 12x45g
  • Flava-It Piri-Piri Marinade 12x45g
  • Flava-It Steakado Peppersteak Coater 12x45g
  • Flava-It Buffalo 12x45g
  • Flava-It Garlic, Herb & Butter 12x45g
  • Flava-It Ghost Chilli 12x45g
  • Flava-It Louisiana BBQ 12x45g
  • Flava-It Sweet Chilli 12x45g

Accompanied by easy-to-follow recipe, MRC Flava-It packs feature all their most popular flavours from around the world for gourmet home cooking at its delicious best. Irresistible!

  • Dalziel Pure Goose Fat 12x180g

Don’t miss out on culinary trends. Goose Fat is becoming more and more popular as the key to great tasting roast potatoes.

  • Verstegen Honey Mustard Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Mushroom Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Pepper Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Satay Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Smoky Barbecue Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Sweet Chilli Micro Sauce 7x80ml
  • Verstegen Culinary Bearnaise Sauce 6x250ml
  • Verstegen Culinary Curry Sauce 6x250ml
  • Verstegen Culinary Hollandaise Sauce 6x250ml
  • Verstegen Culinary Pepper Sauce 6x250ml

Our range of Micro Sauces have been developed using only the finest quality herbs and spices. We understand that both quality and convenience play an important part in todays modern eating experience, which why we have created such a delicious range of sauces in less wasteful portion sizes and in containers that can heated in a matter of seconds.

  • Traditional Chutney 12x300g
  • Onion Marmalade 12x315g
  • Spicy Tomato & Caramelised Onion Chutney 12x320g
  • Apple Sauce 12x205g
  • Mint Sauce 12x190g
  • Horseradish Sauce 12x160g
  • Cranberry Sauce 12x210g

With best prices guaranteed, Dalziel is your one-stop source of supply for unrivalled choice of best-selling favourites including Patteson’s famous preserves and pickles.