Natural Casings

We select only the finest natural sheep, hog and beef casings from leading producers worldwide.

For natural sheep casings, the choice has to be Oris as the UK market leader and the British based specialist supplier to trust for calibrated casings in exact 91.4m or 100yd lengths to ensure a faultlessly formed product from beginning to end.

  • Oris Sheep 22/24 Orange Flushbag Hank
  • Oris Sheep 24/27 Black Flushbag Hank
  • Oris Sheep 26+ Red Flushbag Hank
  • 20/22 Vac Pac Sheep Casing Green Bundle
  • 22/24 Vac Pac Sheep Casing Blue Bundle
  • Extra Wide Sheep Casing Bundle

The international reputation of Oris is your guarantee of the finest product quality that sets the standard for natural hog casings in terms of hank by hank reliability, exceptional eatability and instant eye appeal to grace any butcher’s display counter.

  • Oris Hog Narrow Yellow Flushbag Hank
  • Oris Hog Medium Red/ Blue Flushbag Hank
  • Oris Hog Wide Black/ Brown Flushbag Hank
  • Green DAT Casing 35-38 Bundle
  • Red DAT Casing 38-42 Bundle
  • Vac Pac Hog Casing Blue/Black Bundle
  • Hog Casing 60M
  • Bleached Hog Casing Bundle
  • Ox Bungs Bundle
  • Ox Middles Bundle
  • Ox Runners Bundle
  • Oris Sheep 22/24 Orange Proline Hank
  • Oris Sheep 24/27 Black Proline Hank
  • Oris Sheep 26+ Red Proline Hank
  • Spooled Sheep Casings Blue 28+ Bundle
  • Spooled Sheep Casings Green 22-24 Bundle
  • Oris Hog Extra Narrow Green Proline Hank
  • Oris Hog Narrow Yellow Proline Hank
  • Oris Hog Medium Red and/or Blue Proline Hank
  • Blue Spooled Hog Casings Bundle

Our comprehensive range of ‘A’ graded bungs, middles and runners has been produced from South America’s finest quality assured beef stock. Thick walled and conveniently long in length, Dalziel beef casings are available in a variety of widths to suit every speciality recipe from salami to haggis.