Herbs, Spices, Dehydrates & Flavourings

Recreating traditional recipes or experimenting with exciting new ready meal ideas, every manufacturing butcher is looking for that distinctive character and flavour that will make their products stand out from the crowd and keep their customers coming back for more.

It is so often about achieving the ideal blend and balance of basic ingredients you know you can trust for total consistency of strength, taste and repeatability every time – essential qualities you can always count on from the Dalziel branded range of herbs, spices, dehydrates and flavourings, specially selected to reflect the everyday needs of the busy manufacturing butcher.

This extensive range also offers the benefit of supply in small quantities from as little as 1Kg for easy storage and economic usage, whether making up your own mixes and seasoning or trying out new recipes.

  • Rubbed Basil 1Kg
  • Rubbed English Sage 1Kg
  • Rubbed Foreign Sage 1Kg
  • Rubbed Marjoram 1Kg
  • Rubbed Mint 1Kg
  • Rubbed Mixed Herbs 1Kg
  • Rubbed Oregano 1Kg
  • Rubbed Parsley 1Kg
  • Rubbed Rosemary 1Kg
  • Rubbed Thyme 1Kg

An extensive range available for improving your sausages, stuffing and ready meals.

  • Apple Dehydrated Diced 2.5Kg
  • Apple Flake 2Kg
  • Green & White Leek 5Kg
  • Kibbled Onion 2Kg
  • Kibbled Onion 15Kg
  • Sun Dried Chopped Tomatoes 1Kg

Traditional ingredients for the staple products your customers demand over and over.

  • Potato Dice 10x10x12mm 25Kg
  • Potato Flake 25Kg
  • Potato Flake McCains 12.5Kg
  • Lucas Potato Topping Mix 5Kg

Mash in a flash! Topping for pies, a base for bangers or even fried potato cakes – The choices are endless and they’re all yours.

  • Gelatine 90 Bloom 5Kg
  • Gelatine 120 Bloom 5Kg
  • Gelatine 200 Bloom 5Kg
  • Jel 200 2Kg
  • Jel Flaval Super Savoury 2Kg
  • Lucas Pork Pie Gel 2Kg
  • M.S.G. 2Kg
  • Salt 25Kg
  • Sodium Metabisulphite 3Kg
  • Sodium Metabisulphite 25Kg

The little extras, which make your products perfect. The finishing touch.