Plastic Casings for Cooked Meat

Vector Casing is the market leader for cooked meat casing application delivering optimum shape and performance to maximise cooking and slicing yields for every application.


A plastics range with high strength, shrink and elasticity which displays exact calibre control and special meat cling variations (according to product) and ensuring excellent square shaped slicing feedstock with maximum casing and meat yields every time. Extra long shirred sticks (up to 140m) available.


Shirred sticks (up to 100m) with exact calibre control and requiring no pre-soak ensure air-free, uniform slicing feedstock in all high speed production applications.


High strength, predictable shrink and slack-fill stuffing of plain or pre-stuck plastics enable the production of ‘D’ shape and Oval products with or WITHOUT THE USE OF METAL MOULDS.


Plastics with high elasticity,  strength and varying thicknesses offer excellent machineability and versatility for both emulsified and whole muscle applications.

Whole Muscle Ham/Beef/Turkey

Market leading, Innovative, Prestickable high shrink plastics offer excellent whole muscle shape and adhesion whilst reducing cavities and air pockets and improving shelf-life and meat yield.