At Dalziel, we only buy the best … from the best. Pork is no exception. Our priority in sourcing pork products is to choose producers with a proven record for rearing and slaughtering pigs in conditions that not only meet but exceed all international animal welfare standards.

  • Whole Back
  • Back Sliced and Rindless
  • Back Sliced and Rindless
  • Back Smoked Sliced and Rindless
  • Middle Sliced and Rindless
  • Streaky Sliced and Rindless
  • Belly Trim 50% V L
  • Shoulder Trim 75% V L
  • Leg Trim 85% V L
  • Skirt
  • Poly Wrapped
  • Square Cut Rind On
  • Square Cut Rindless
  • Bone In
  • Boneless
  • Bone In Euro
  • Bone In Rind On
  • Bone In Rindless
  • Boneless 5mm Fat
  • Boneless Scalped
  • Steak
  • Horseshoe
  • Whole
  • Corner Joint
  • Flash Roasted
  • Converter
  • Green Hough
  • Smoked Hough
  • Bone In 8-10Kg
  • Boneless Rindless
  • Boneless Rind On
  • Belly Rib Ex Sternum
  • Meaty Belly Rib
  • Loin Rib Parallel Cut
  • Bacon Rib
  • Tenderloin IW
  • Shoulder Boned Rolled and Netted
  • Collar Bone In IW
  • Collar Boneless 1.8-2.2Kg IW
  • Back Rindless
  • Cutting Rindless
  • Cutting Rindless Poly Blocked
  • Back Diced

That’s why, as well as the UK, we buy from all the leading European centres including Holland, Denmark and Belgium – renowned the world over for producing lean, tender and delicious pork that can be relied on for consistent quality from the first slice to the last.

Shelf life is also a particular consideration for pork products, so the relative proximity of these continental markets offers Dalziel customers the reassurance of a regular daily supply of freshly slaughtered meat on exactly the same basis as we receive supplies from selected producers here at home.

Vacuum packed for the guarantee of total freshness, our comprehensive range of premium pork products includes everything a busy butcher could wish for on their counter display. From primal cuts such as our perennially popular boneless loins and fillets to full bellies, ribs (fresh or frozen), boned and rolled shoulders, gammon and bacon, whole back or sliced … for range, assured quality and permanent availability, the only supplier you’ll ever need is Dalziel.